Everything you need to know about
Accounts Receivable Factoring


How to select a Factoring Company

In real estate the operative word is location, in accounts receivable factoring it is negotiate. All Factors are not the same. Their policies and procedures are different, but they are all prepared to negotiate. It’s part of the process.

  • Some charge higher fees than others.

  • Some ‘advance’ more money than others.

  • Some require long-term contracts, others do not.

  • Some require higher minimum sales than others.

  • Some are more credit-tolerant than others.

  • Some assign a specific agent to your account, others do not.

  • Some provide you with more-detailed customer credit data than others.

Be sure to check out different factoring companies before you commit. The differences may surprise you.   Use the tool below to receive free quotes from several different factoring companies...